Dimension of thought in constant progression

Koncrex's R&D Group focuses on improving process, methods and products. These three goals are closely linked with a multi-disciplinary approach, enabling each Koncrex product to meet our high standards of performance, ease of use and respect for the environment.

R&D process

One of the main goals of Koncrex's R&D efforts is to develop new clinkers and cement that, given equal mechanical properties, lead to reduced CO2 emission levels. At the heart of this plan is the mobilization of human resources in the fields of mineralogy, thermal energy and adjuvants.

To conduct its research, the Materials and Microstructure Laboratory is equipped with the most recent technologies: a diffractometer, XRF (X-ray fluorescence), environmental scanning electron microscope.

R&D methods

Koncrex's research team develops innovative approaches to understand and meet new challenges arising from the development of its products. The goal is to improve work processes, anticipate the effects of new regulations and optimize our offerings.

R&D products

In the course of technological change, Koncrex research introduces new products in markets that first undergo a market analysis. This is how some of these products find their customer base.

Conversely, the Group's executive marketing team often requests the assistance of the Group's R&D department to develop a new product, the commercial purpose of which has already been anticipated.

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