Values that are shared by all

Almost 50 years of company history have solidly forged Koncrex's identity, and that identity is honored by everyone on our team. The men and women who comprise Koncrex's professional family are united by a sense of pride in being part of a rich history and a company that is forward-thinking and nimble in its attitudes toward people and business processes: Community focus, technical expertise, shared fervor, commitment to partnership, long-term responsibility.

Community focus

We are a corporation with a strong international presence and a sound local footing as a local partner for development. We promote local recruitment and, as a part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, we ensure that the environmental impact of everything we do is controlled (local materials, ecodesign, recycling, etc.).

Technical expertise

Through our skills and know-how, we aim for excellence with respect to the performance of our materials, products, and services, together with their implementation, for the greater benefit of customers. We think ahead and innovate to keep pace with and, better still, get the jump on the technical, social, and environmental changes affecting our markets.

Shared fervor

In our dealings with partners and customers, every one of us has been driven by a passion for our products and for the construction industry.

Commitment to partnership

We nurture a spirit of service where availability, attentiveness, dialogue, and cooperation within our teams are keys to customer relations. Communication boosts the efficiency and reactivity of the organization. As partners for our customers, it is our duty to foster development and value creation.

Long-term responsibility

Ours is a family company founded 50 years ago. We are attached to our independence and we build for the long term. We capitalize on the confidence placed in us by private and public-sectors partners: customers, suppliers, local representatives, teachers, scientists, etc. 

Security, safety and health

An intervention of security-trained staff members

Security and health in the workplace are key priorities for Koncrex. We hold regular meetings for all Koncrex staff members to discuss security and health issues, continually research (and implement as appropriate) ways to prevent and manage hazardous situations more effectively, and carefully monitor prevention and security processes within all Koncrex business locations.

Training and professional education

Intensive training of employees for the new plants

Technical innovation brings a new complexity to business processes. To ensure the Koncrex team can work effectively with new technology, we provide frequent training to update their knowledge on a regular basis and to ensure they are comfortable and familiar with new tools and processes before we implement their use. Koncrex's "cement school" is staffed by leading specialists in all of the industry's critical disciplines, and welcomes new members.

Almost 50 years of company history have forged our identity, honored by everyone on our team. icon action