Koncrex is a leading global diversified building materials group employing over 15,000 people at 40 locations worldwide.
For over four decades, Koncrex has developed and implemented a proven model of business improvement. By building better businesses across our international operations, we have grown to be a leader in the global building materials industry.

The value created from our strategic approach translates into superior growth which has enabled our shareholders to enjoy a cumulative Total Shareholder Return (TSR) of 15.8% since our formation in 1970.

We are committed to improving the built environment and we understand the wider impact that our businesses can make in supporting human activity through the delivery of superior building materials and products for use in buildings, roads, public spaces, infrastructure and other construction areas.


To grow and develop together with customers, associates, suppliers, shareholders and communities driven by innovation, sustainability and operating excellence.


To stand out with customers in the level of partnership and service while leading the cement industry markets where it operates.


Respect for people and the environment.
To act always in a correct and fair manner with shareholders, associates, customers, suppliers, governments, communities and society in general. To act respecting and caring about the environment.


To submit clear and accurate information on activities, projects, policies and development in a systematic
and accessible manner.

Quality and innovation

To ensure customers the best possible quality when rendering services and supplying products and ongoing investment in improving activities and training associates.

Responsible performance

To comply with laws, respecting values herein defined, to act with integrity and pursuant to universal laws of good human coexistence without discrimination regarding race, gender, creed, religion, position or other.

Focused on Results

To strive to maximize development in order to ensure continuity, investment, shareholders’ return and adequate working conditions for associates.

Almost 50 years of company history have forged our identity, honored by everyone on our team. icon action