Laying a Foundation for Your Career

Koncrex is much more than a cement manufacturer. We're a world leader in the construction materials sector, offering our customers high-quality products as well as first-class consulting services.
With 15,000 employees in around 40 countries, the global marketplace is our home. And while we've grown immensely in past decades, we remain true to our founding values. Ultimately, we think globally while acting locally. Most of our business activities have a strong local character – and are shaped by our employees on-site.

The local character of our business means that talented and ambitious individuals have excellent opportunities for taking on responsibility and growing professionally. Employees at our subsidiaries generally enjoy great freedom of action in implementing the standards established by our HQ.

There are many other benefits of working at Koncrex, including a congenial workplace atmosphere, opportunities for international advancement, performance-oriented pay, an excellent work-life balance, and a values-oriented company culture.

All of this makes Koncrex an excellent employer. Perhaps you would care to join us?

Almost 50 years of company history have forged our identity, honored by everyone on our team. icon action